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Exciting cat lady news! We assembled a cat tree and Pepper is really loving it! I thought I should get the cats one, especially since we’re going to have a guest cat around for a while (his name is Shamrock and a friend is looking for a home for him in the meantime). After watching hours of Cats from Hell, I decided to make the living room a bit more cat-friendly. :)

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    ok so I have that exact cat tree and a little black kitten named Azalie and for a split second I thought you stole my...
  2. castielnovakaine said: I need one of these so badly… my cats are tearing up all my carpets but my house is too small for a giant cat tree :(
  3. stephnrice said: ah that cat tree is awesome! i’m in the market but WHY ARE THEY ALL $200. Also, My Cat fm Hell is the best show.
  4. quillery said: ahaha oh my god, I just ordered a cat tree for Missy too. I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY, JACKSON GALAXY.
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