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Anonymous asked: Hello! Can I just say I really appreciate the way you're handling the spn shenanigans! I worked one of the other cons this past year and someone who was staff (I volunteered) said something I think fans sometimes forget. And that's that the actors/people are there to make money - this is their business. And that doesn't mean they don't love their fans, but they have to be professional about content/giving ppl who pay for tickets what they want. Anyway, sorry for rambling!

Hello, con volunteer anon! Yes, I think sometimes fans forget that TV is a business, and so are cons. Cons exist for the fans, but only if the fans pay. At Comic Con, not only are the actors there to make money (as they should), but the networks are trying to generate interest in their shows and future DVD releases. By providing exclusive content, they ensure that fans will pay to see their panels and continue to be consumers of their network’s products. Just seeing the actors wouldn’t work for a place like Comic-Con, which is all stages and gigantic halls—some sort of media content must be presented.

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