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Anonymous asked: I don't think it's fair that the shows want to 'treat' the fans who have money and means to go to San Diego to exclusive content, not to mention the fact that many people in the room when the content shows are likely just there waiting for the next panel and are hardly fans at all. Additionally, I don't think it's fair for the con goers to have to refrain from sharing information and new material with friends, it's miserable for everyone. So it's a ridiculous request, as far as I'm concerned.

Wow. Uh, anon, con-goers are paying to be there, so yes, they get what they pay for, and they pay for the privilege of seeing exclusive content. Basic economics. And as for non-SPN fans, who cares? The other panels they’re waiting for have exclusive content as well. It’s the same principle as paying for a movie ticket—movie theater staff don’t want you recording the film and sharing bootleg content online, because then who else is going to buy the movie ticket to pay for the movie?  It is perfectly fair, because the con-goers are paying for goods and services.

You (and I) can wait a few months for the full gag reel, anon. Stop whining. No one owes you anything.

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  1. sniperdean said: pfft, fuck this anon, I didn’t wait in a ten billion hour line plus cost of hotel plus tickets plus crowds to NOT see exclusive shit. also it’s like the ONE big thing panels ask for, it’s not hard to abide by.
  3. lightningmako said: OMG! Why are people bitching! I didn’t go to the Con. I love Supernatural just as much, yet I haven’t even watched the gag-reel. UGGH. Do you see me whining, Anon?
  4. intrudaimpala said: I LOVE YOU CARO <3 PREACH IT GURL
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