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Peeps are really freaking out about those 8x21 “spoilers”, and it makes me giggle a little because some peeps are acting like Cas is 100% going to fall that episode. I can make a guess here and say that I don’t think it happens that ep, since we’ve had very little Crowley-Cas interaction this season, and something as big as Cas’ grace being ripped out/or him falling would definitely have to be more of a thing for a central villain to do, and while Crowley is pretty fucking awesome, he doesn’t reek of central villain right now—more like a dangerous rival (maybe y’all have a different vibe?). Maybe Crowley and Cas have a confrontation (which would be awesome! finally!) but I don’t think we have to worry about Crowley being the reason that Cas falls (if he does this season), since their mutual animosity has not been a prime focus this season, just incidental. Also “blood” is a good way to describe like 50% of all SPN scenes, lbr.

Basically, we haven’t even seen 8x19 yet, and then comes the dreaded 2nd hellatus, during which we’ll probably get some sort of tantalizing promo. Then we can freak out to our heart’s content, just like we always do. :)

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    "Also, "blood" is a good way to describe 50% of SPN scenes". < It is sad that this was the most reassuring part of that...
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    I hope that this Crowley-Cas fight doesn’t have to do with Crowley killing Meg. It probably won’t, though, but it could...
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  7. assstiel said: I think that if Cas were to fall, it’d be a really big deal and it’d happen in a season finale or something. like they always do, some big thing happens, like an explosion of lights and then cas wakes up and BAM *season over* THEN they explain in9x01
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